About Peelaway

Why choose Peelaway?

Peelaway® was first developed in 1981 to deal effectively with the problems associated with the removal of multiple layers of old lead-based paint where burning or sanding would allow lead particles to escape into the environment with the associated health risks caused by such practices. The stripping compound is formulated to turn the lead into lead hydroxide within the paste so that it can be safely disposed of without endangering the environment or user. 

The system is designed to work with the special Peelaway® poultice cover (patent protected) supplied which allows the user to extend the time available so the stripping process can be as complete as possible. This is especially useful where crevices and profiles have allowed the build-up of several times the thickness of the paint compared to flat surfaces. The cover increases the penetration of the stripping paste and helps the collection of the waste paint and paste afterwards. This prevents the escape of unwanted chemicals into the environment. The outside of the cover is also printed with instructions and notices to workers and public that chemical paint removal is in progress. 

The Poultice Method: Start - Finish

Poultice Method

Sample pots are available for all three products. A test patch should always be carried out first. 

Why choose Peelaway ?

The system will remove paint from many exterior and interior architectural surfaces, including stone, cement, brickwork, plaster walls and ceilings, plain and ornate fibrous plaster cornices, plain and carved or turned woodwork, plain and cast metal work. Automobile, aircraft and marine coatings are also efficiently stripped with the Peelaway® system. Because the chemicals are doing the stripping work with minimal sanding and scraping required compared to other methods the Peelaway® Poultice Paint Removal System can be very cost effective – substantially reducing the overall amount of labour required for the stripping project and the need for negative air and debris collection that is often very labour and equipment intensive. 

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Why trust Peelaway ?

Peelaway® is architecturally specified; approved for projects by English Heritage, National Trust and many contractors working in the heritage industry. 

The Peelaway® Poultice Paint Removal System has been used for many high profile restoration projects  including railings and interiors at The British Museum, ornate plaster ceilings at Greenwich Palace, ironwork on  the London Underground and delicate panelling at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The system is frequently specified by architects as the only appropriate solution for paint removal where damage to the surface or risk to the environment is an issue. 

Peelaway English Heritage

One limitation that applies to all products is that they will work slower under 5ºc and will stop working under 0ºc. Peelaway® 1 will not remove certain two pack epoxy coatings, urethanes, chlorinated rubber, baked enamels or masonry cement based paints. Peelaway® 7 will remove most of these high performance coatings. 

WATCH OUT FOR CHEAP IMITATIONS! ‘If it doesn’t say Peelaway® on the container... IT’S NOT!'